The luminous glow of pearls, rich sheen of precious metals, flicker of diamonds, and earthy textures of leather and hide: each Evergreen piece combines the elements of the world in a one-of-a-kind way. Each material has passed through hands, cultures, and continents, touched and transformed on its journey to the designer and to you. 
Every totem—a bee, a star, a cross, or something entirely different—embodies its own energy, a positive healing force. Carefully selected by the designer, arriving from as far away as India and China, every material is chosen with a sharp eye for quality and distinctiveness. Nothing is preassembled; each piece is considered and edited until just the right balance is achieved.
Evergreen Collections pieces are simultaneously bold, thoughtful, and enduring—luxury curated for everyday wear, not just for special occasions. Designed to perennially evolve with the wearer’s mood, style, and story, pieces can be worn singly or seamlessly combined to give voice to your own personal expression. They make a statement and start conversations; they are deeply personal; they are for always, every day, for you.


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