Designer Drop: Alex Fitz

Designer Drop: Alex Fitz Squash Blossom Vail

Alex Fitz Conscious Jewelry

Each Alex Fitz piece is designed in Colorado with 4 things in mind - providing the highest quality of goods, with unique designs, that are considerate of all people and the environment. Alex continues to relentlessly scour the pool of worldwide precious stone providers to find those whose values are closely aligned with her values.

Alex started this company because she wanted people to feel good about the jewelry they wear. She is constantly working with her partners to ensure their standards are in line with hers, and never stops searching for companies that are truly committed to an ethical supply chain. 

Currently all pieces that are handmade by the Alex Fitz bench jewelers are made from 100% recycled 18k gold. 

Join us at Squash Blossom, Saturday November 25th, 2-6pm for piercings and custom jewelry.

Featuring a new collection & custom piercing jewelry from Alex Fitz and needle piercings by Jill Burlingame.




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