Did you inherit your family's collection of jewels? Does insurance need it? Want to know the current market value of your jewelry? Whatever the reason, we can help you. 

What is the cost?

A complimentary appraisal is available upon request for items purchased in our store. For items not purchased in our store, an appraisal costs $125, depending on the complexity of the item.

What is the process?

Bring in your item, and we will give you an idea of the cost ad timeframe. Our GIA-certified appraiser inspects each item and identifies the type of stones, size of the stones, metal, and any other essential details. He determines a fair market price for the item. using all the specifications gathered you will receive an official document for your records and for your insurance company.

How long does it take?

The average timeframe is two weeks depending on the time of year. 

What do you need?

Any paper that you may have like invoices, old appraisals, or GIA Certifications for each item.