Melissa Cooper
Melissa Cooper was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has been an established artist since 1990. Her fascination and love for art began at a very early age, and she was encouraged to pursue this interest by her artistic parents; through this encouragement, Cooper began to develop a style all her own. She learned the process of bronze casting from her father, and served as his apprentice for many years. Cooper's work in her family's studio furthered her interest in becoming an artist in her own right.
Subject matter for Cooper is inspired by children and wildlife. In addition to sculptural pieces she creates functional bronze vessels embellished with her delightful wildlife figures. Cooper's work is collected and admired by connoisseurs across the country. Whether it is wildlife or figurative, Cooper has a natural ability to capture the spirit of life and emotion in each of her sculptures. Her pieces range from desktop to larger-than-life in size, and she has also completed several commission pieces.

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