What is it?

It is a piece of chain welded to your wrist, ankle, or neck to give you a seamless piece because there is no clasp.

The Process
Do allow around 15-30 minutes for your first visit so you can pick out your chain and charm! The permanent Jewelry process works like this: customers select their chain and can add charm. After deciding on a bracelet, anklet, or necklace, a trained “Zapper” will custom fit the piece. After setting the chain, the Zapper then welds the ends of the chain together, creating the permanence of the piece. A piece of leather is used between the skin and chain for safety!
Do I need an appointment?

Yes! It is best to call 970-476-3129 to book an appointment or schedule one online to ensure your spot.

What is the price range?

$60-$1050 (they are priced by the inch and charms are extra)

Chain Options?

Cable, Paperclip, and Curb in gold and sterling silver

Charm Options?

Diamonds to Lightning Bolts!