Ayesha Studio

I was born in Calcutta, India and moved to Rochester, NY at age 15. After a thirteen year career as a textile engineer, I finally gave in to my passion for metals and decided to dedicate myself to it full-time. In 1997, I joined the Rochester Institute of Technology to pursue a Masters in Metals.
My initial interest was in traditional silversmithing, but I soon turned the techniques of hammering and forming to more sculptural and abstract vessels made in copper, silver and steel. The shapes that I created were my interpretation of the handprint that water leaves on our landscape as it traverses it.   For water to do its work, it must always be moving. Movement and fluidity were key elements of these sculptures and remain so in my work today.
My wearable pieces in silver, gold and platinum pay meticulous attention to line. The character and direction of a line has the power to communicate emotion and states of mind. The quality of a line is equal to an artists’ signature. For me, this line can be best expressed in my work through techniques of metal forming and shaping. For this reason, the hammer remains my favorite tool in the studio. Line, along with form, weight and balance are key components that ensure a piece of jewelry resonates with the human form.


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