Paul Kethley

Paul kethley
After earning a degree in marketing in 1974, Paul immediately headed for Denver, Colorado, where he worked in various sales and marketing positions for 15 years and painted during his spare time.
"The passion for painting hit me in 1979," he says. "I worked hard at it on weekends and began creating paintings that told stories. By 1987, I had made some contacts resulting in some major sales and was in a local gallery."
Paul opened his own studio in Evergreen, Colorado in 1989 after quitting his full-time job in the printing industry to concentrate on his art. While there, he also worked on commissions,taught lessons, and sold art supplies. In 1999, Paul and his wife Lisa relocated to Buena Vista, Colorado, an area he says “provides me with just about every western setting imaginable from snow-covered peaks to rivers, and even rocky desert terrain. Lisa has been a constant source of objectivity and moral support to me.”

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