Travel To: Turkey featuring Gurhan Jewelry

Travel-To-Turkey-featuring-Gurhan-Jewelry Squash Blossom Vail

Travel and culture is an important element at Squash Blossom. Our clients travel from all over the world to experience beauty of Vail. We source our jewelry from some of the most exclusive brands from around the world and enjoy sharing the history and culture of these talented jewelers. 

In honor of our Gurhan Trunk Show happening this week, March 21st - 23rd, exploring Turkey in this week’s 'Travel To' feature, an ode to Gurhan Jewelry, who was born in Ankara. His passion for for exploration & discovery translates into jewelry, inviting you to share the experience.

STAY | SoHo House

Set in the 19th Century Palazzo Corpi in the Beyoglu district of the city, the House has lovely restored interiors, three restaurants and an art collection of 350 works. The Cowshed spa is a sanctuary for relaxation offering facials and massages, as well as a traditional Turkish hammam.


EAT | Turk
The only Michelin two-starred restaurant in Turkey, Tutak who operates the restaurant, has become a celebrity in the food world. Turk works closely with local producers to establish a sustainable cycle between them using in-season produce. 
EXPLORE | Istanbul Modern
A center for Turkish heritage and culture is the Renzo Piano-designed Istanbul Modern. The old museum was housed in a not-so-attractive customs warehouse, demolished as part of the Galataport rehabilitation. The compact, welcoming museum focuses on Turkish contemporary art, with photography being a standout. The Restaurant Modern, with its sweeping waterfront terrace, makes the whole experience even more approachable.
SHOP | Grand Bazaar
The Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest and largest covered bazaars in the world, with a history of more than 550 years. There are approximately 4,000 shops in the bazaar, which is spread over a very large area. The Grand Bazaar, which is an Ottoman heritage that has not lost its function today, has a structure that is divided into sections according to the type of products sold.