"Zap, Dazzle, Pop" Welded Jewelry Saturdays from 11-5 pm

"Zap, Dazzle, Pop" Welded Jewelry Saturdays from 11-5 pm Squash Blossom Vail

The "Zap, Dazzle, and Pop" process works like this: customers select their chain from one of three different options 14k white or yellow gold or 18k gold. Then you have the option to pick out a charm to add to your chain. After deciding on a bracelet, anklet, or necklace, a trained “Zapper” will custom fit the piece. After setting the chain, the Zapper then welds the ends of the chain together, creating the permanence of the piece.  

This is the modern friendship bracelets, a chain for each child, bridesmaid gifts, a family bonding piece, the list goes on.

Permanent jewelry is a sustainable practice, offering a longer-lasting option in a world of almost disposable costume jewelry.

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