Sorellina was founded by sisters Nicole & Kim Carosella. Growing up in a small town on Long Island, NY, they were raised with a deep appreciation for the arts and have since shared a love of design. 

Nicole's love affair with jewelry began at an early age. As a newborn, she was a colic baby who could only be lulled to sleep by her mother's sparkling jewelry. Continually encouraged to design jewelry by her mother, Nicole was defiant to not follow her mother's request (as only a proper teenager would) and she went on to study Fine Arts at The University of Southern California with a concentration in photography. In her photographs, Nicole created optical illusions and transported the viewer into her fantastical worlds. After college Nicole began collecting vintage jewelry and she could no longer deny her inherent love of jewelry and returned to school, now with her focus on jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. 

From an early age, Kim, Nicole's younger sister, was taken by the emotions evoked from great design. This led her to study art history at Tulane University in New Orleans, a city rich in culture. After graduation, Kim chose to live in Florence, Italy, an art history mecca, to further her studies. 

sorellina | sorel’lina / Italian f: smaller or younger sister 


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