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Want some help with you ear game? Learn some simple tips to the curated ear.
Learn about Hilary and Kevin Magner the owners of Squash Blossom Vail. The store has been in Vail Village since 1973.

Do you know how to size your ring? 

We have ring sizers that we can send you. 

Almost all pearls are cultured. There are 3 types are pearls...Cultured, Fresh Water and Salt Water. 

Fun Fact - Cartier traded a double strand of natural strand for a mansion on 5th avenue which is now worth $$$$$.

Ready to buy an engagement ring? Here is a short video on the 4C's to Diamonds.



Carat Weight


Got dirty jewelry? Here are some simple to tips to clean your jewelry at home. All you will need is a toothbrush, hot water, and soap.