Bayco: Jewelry For Kings & Queens

Bayco: Jewelry For Kings & Queens Squash Blossom Vail

Known as the jewelry for kings and queens, Bayco jewelry effortlessly mixes old and new trends: its pieces are often influenced by the Mogul era, jewelry of the Indian maharajahs, and classical jewelry, which makes the beauty of each stone stand out. Jewelry is eternal; its beauty never dies, so old designs and ideas live again when paired with a new neck or wrist. Every piece is hand crafted at the Bayco atelier in New York.

The story starts with the stone, but it does not end there. The larger the stone, the more likely its design will include traditional elements. “A woman who buys a large stone wants something classic,” explains Giacomo. A fashion statement, no matter how original or compelling, cannot be worn every day, and it runs the risk of becoming dated.

Master jewelers experienced in various styles help bring Bayco creations to life. Each jewel is designed specifically around the stones that it carries.  Like a bespoke tailor creating a dress for a specific muse, Bayco's process begins with the stone rather than the design. Each design is a custom creation made specifically to accentuate the utmost beauty of each stone.  


Join us for an exclusive Bayco event, December 19th & 20th. Shop our curated pieces below before the event.