When Gurhan touched pure gold for the first time, it so electrified him he knew he had discovered a life-long passion. He spent a year researching Byzantine and Anatolian metalsmithing, dating back 7,000 years, and made the decision he would never work in gold less than 24-karats.

"It is almost an obsession for me to conquer the limitations and difficulties of working with 24-karat gold," Gurhan explaines. "The process of solving the many problems of using pure gold is a significant part of what I do, and it often dictates the parameters of my designs." Gurhan says his secret to working with pure gold is turning what seems to be limitation, into advantage.

“Every life is a series of stories spun of emotions and memory, actions, and dreams.”

Gurhan creates jewelry that lets you live your stories with spirit and eloquence. Each handmade piece shows the subtle evidence of the jeweler’s craft, passion and individuality of the designer’s vision.

“You know from the moment you put it on that this jewelry was made for you and you will wear it throughout all of your lives.”

Gurhan collection is now available primarily in 24kt gold and sterling silver.

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